Rugged Phone

Anyone who has a rugged phone that you can recommend?
Need a tough phone for my kind of job and exposures. Kwanza waterproof and has good battery capacity.

Labda ujitengenezee yako mwenyewe.

Go to

What about complexities of importing? Know a clear procedure i can follow to import?

enda jumia,zimejaa huko

Seen them but hoped kuma mtu ako na hands on experience here.

Ingia jumia,search for one and they will import for you.Nimeona mingi huko.

CAT have rugged phones. Ana buy a rugged case for your phone

CAT…anaglia Jumia


Get an MTT ( I have one ) or a Toughpad ( Panasonic ) , downside of the phones is the weight and sometimes the battery uptime isn’t that great.

How much money are you willing to spend and how soon do you want/wait for it?

CAT phones are the best

let me be the fourth one to insist on CAT,ukitaka peace of mind that is. vile @revisionist , @tall mnyama everywhere and @Koho have highlighted.

I have been following smaller shenzen companies like Ulephone, Doogee and Blackview and right now these phones are even outdoing CAT. Like the Ulephone Armour might end up in the next 10 or so years as the Samsung of rugged phones. These companies are really targeting this niche. Go check Ben’s gadgets review of the Ulephone Armour on YouTube.