Rugby World Cup 2023

Satafrika really struggled against France in the quarter-finals, I hope they win final ikuwe All Blacks vs Springboks.

Tuko Nyuma ya mzansi

All Blacks!

All Blacks wiped the floor with Argentina, acha tuone Satafrika watafanya nini.

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England has a quite agile game compared to other teams. South Africa will have an uphill task.

Wadau plugs where to buy rugby shirts na bei poa.

Bei poa utapata fake things, enda Nairobi Sports House ushike kitu sure.

Satafrika narrowly beat England, naona All Blacks wakichukua hii.

Hizo fake zinauzwa wapi

Mzansi na All Blacks have a similar style of play. I think It will come down to who makes the least amount of errors.