Rugby peeps

Mbona wasee wa rugby wanakuanga na matako kubwa?

Peleka hii ujinga kwa choo


Bomoa kabat porepore bila kusumbua birrionaires.



Cos of doing squats which makes them develop glutes / butt muscles

Unaenda game ya Rugby kuangalia Matako za wanaume?:D:D:D
Just one question, why are you gay?


rugby pia kuna madame hajasema gender kuweni wapole

wallahi you are gay

You are filthy , umeingia kwa black book you filthy dog . @MajorProphet is your brother in arms .

Genetics plus squats. Mimi I had a big butt from childhood sai nadeadlift over 3X my weight with ease. So I’m more likely to stick to strength sports, than someone who packs on strength/muscle slowly

Uza Sera polepole Mdau.


They eat lots of calories and train the ass muscles for stability and more power in jumping and running.






Smh. I spent most of my life hiding it ju ya insecurity