Rudisha arudishwa chini


Hizo migurudumu aje?

Glad he survived the accident with no injuries

This guy amesurvive accidents kadhaa together with his depression. Aonekaniwe sasa.

The heading though :D:D:D:D

Atafute pass time ingine. This is the problem with having lots of money and free time when you are still young.

A future president of the U.S died in 1999 while playing with a small plane just like that. And his pretty wife begged him not to fly. But she relented and joined him in heaven.

He’ has nine lives like a cat



It seems he is dangerous around contraptions with engines. Maybe he should avoid them.

Village witches wanamtafuta na ubaya.

Buttco matako hii lazima utafute njia yeyote utaje yues. Ghaseer hii

Iyo ni Cape ya superman amevaa???

Wewe endelea kumwagiwa ndani ya hio mkia yako chafu inanuka obambla imeoza.

Shiet! This dude has the proverbial nine lives of a cat