Im raised to be polite to wait staff and even servants. So Im usuallu very shocked at how some Kenyans talk to waiters or cashiers and other staff especially at eating establshments. Juzi I was grabbing some fast food to rush back to the office since I had no time to go to my usual place to eat. I found a young lady with her son on the queue. The cashier seemed to have gone to the loo since the till was empty , am very pleasant to any wait staff and always tip no matter what although if its an establishment I frequent, I build a relationship with one waiter and then alway insist they serve us so that I can get excellent service, its something I learnt from my parents, so anyway my point is that I usually leave a good impression and I after that always get excellent and quick service. Even at the pump I tip guys who work the nightshift and even cleaners when am in a generous mood. As a matter of fact in some establishments, its the floor manager or operations manager who personally serve my family and I because I engage them unlike other customers who just ignore the staff ,for me I remember their names and I always do my best to treat them with respect.

Now the cashier a young lady came to the till and saw me and because she recognized me she took my money before that of the lady with the kid, and even after the lady caused a scene that she was first the cashier still went ahead and took my order. Wacha the woman went haywire. Matusi,clicking ,name it , I just walked away and left her there ,few minutes later ,I took my order and even specified the parts I wanted and it was changed infront of that woman. Now she gave me that look of , is it like you have shares in this place. I said thanks to the cashier and then I gracefully waltzed out of the place,left the poor woman fuming and her order not yet out.

I know many Kenyans feel kifua ndio the only way to get good efficient service in Kenya but frankly I have owned a restaurant and worked as both a cashier and a waitress when my staff would fall ill or be absent for. I had those types of customers who like causing a ruckus. Then I had wale wanacomplain about everything. Its very disheartening to these people when you’re rude to them, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if 10 people talk badly to this people how will it affect their work , in terms of frustration and burnouts.

SO am requesting you this holiday ukienda out na familia keep your cool , remember these are people who would love to be home with their families observing the festivities but wako hapo wanakuserve so leave a tip if you cant atleast be courteous and patient. Wacha kuwazushia theyre human just like you. Merry Christmas


Good christmass tip, ubaya ni watasahu before 24th

No need to be rude, especially to one handling your food…


merry Christmas too…I’ve learnt…I’ll always keep my cool… @Saintonthebeathoe my mentor kuja huku tusome

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am confused leo hukutaja reach husband

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Unakuwa rude jamaa anakuongezea jizz kwa burger…katikati ya cheese na lettuce, unafikiri ni mayonnaise.


she was there before you so why be served after you just because unajuana na waiter? she has all the reasons to be mad.


Unaenda yelp na Facebook unaandika scathing negative reviews
Wakiapisha tunaapisha


real talk mum

haha nishakua mentor?!! nmekam brathe

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So you expected to jump the que na unyamaziwe just coz you know the waitress? What arrogance.


Kuna wale watu who always go like I want to speak to the Manager. They bore me to no end.
Talking of tips, reminds me of this lunje businesslady I was doing some work with. We met one early morning as she was enroute to wesdern. She tipped the waiter 5/=. I almost fell of my seat, 5/=?


your intentions and actions haziambatani, u shud have told the waiter to finish up with the lady and the young boy kwanza - vile umetueleza hapo juu that you’re very courteous ama aje mwari?


mimi huwa na shida moja nikitip waiter msupu, huwa na omba number halafu nasafisha macho na josto after a week:)

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Hio ni insult. Ata heri amgekosa ku-tip huyo waiter

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She did deliberately jump que. Ni cashier who offered to serve her first. Probably to her back to the rude customer

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You corrupt the waiters to treat you differently then you come to chest thump here and before the day is over you will be jumping from tgread to tgread yelling about Jubilee corruption yet in your actions you were corrupt in a small way. If ever you get into high public office, your behavior will be amplified 100 fold.

najaribu kufit in your shoes naona still ni kubwa man

Nikipeleka mnanamke out for the first time i always let her order first nione how she addresses the waiters. I believe that a person who is good to you but rude to the waiter isnt a good person