Ruby Bridges : Lessons from History

Ever seen this photo sumwhere on the internets ?

This is Ruby Bridges, the first Black student to attend a de-segregated school in Louisiana.
Against the wishes of the racist southern complex, she qualified to attend the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana during the New Orleans school desegregation crisis in 1960. She had to be escorted by National Guard Marshalls daily, to and from school, to protect her against racists in and out of the school.

Parents and fellow students would protest her admission but ultimately, Ruby got to get what she deserved.
These people are still alive, doing isht somewhere in Murica :


See the Uncle Tom with the 1/2 black, 1/2 white placard. jinga kabisa.


QUOTING THE BIBLE N SH*T, Am not a fan of the bible, neither do I care for it, but people choose the verses they like and Ignore the ones they don’t. Basically, its a self conflicting Novel.

In a different place, Look at that insignificant jealous mound of vile Hazel Massery shouting at a classy black student Elizabeth Eckford in 1957 (Little Rock)

Luckily, Ruby survived segregation and she continues with sensitization against racism today

And with all these frustrations, they never picked up guns and shot up their predominantly white schools.

Gladly, some Humans grow up to see the greater world for what it is. Here is a reunion of the bunch from Little Rock

In other news, New saying in town, Tender Wema Endea Zako, NYS (2018)

The usa was built under the foundation of genocide against the American Indians. That is why their society still has a lot of fractures and ills that remain in them. Its like a curse. They almost whipped out a community in that whole Continent.

There is also the issue of the negro motorist green book. fascinating bit of history

All races and ethnicities (Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Arabs, Eastern Europeans, Africans) enjoying American freedoms and good life owe it all to the blood, sweat and tears of African Americans. It is the African Americans who pushed for the Civil Rights Act that all other non white ethnicities continue to enjoy.
For this reason when you hear someone talking down on African Americans you have to excuse their ignorance. Their collective good is bigger n stronger than their bad.

Hawa wa sit-ins pia ndio mi huheshimu. Very brave people, and they did it by avoiding violent confrontations.

There is a documentary I ran into this year, fairly recently shot, of a black guy whose great great great parents were slaves and he is still staying in the same farm currently run by the slave-owners’ great great sons in Mississippi or Louisiana. Lemme try and check for it

Please share when you find it.


That is correct. Black people are beautiful people ( in soul ).

An early fighter( One of the pioneers for the abolition of slavery)

[SIZE=4]Olaudah Equiano(1745-1797)[/SIZE]
[ATTACH=full]172447[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]172455[/ATTACH]
Was captured in Nigeria, kidnapped and enslaved at age 11 in North Carolina.
Purchased his freedom from his master at age 20.
Through his writings, he fueled anti-slavery movement in Great Britain, Europe, and the New World.

That lady is trying to get Donald to hate the white land owner who let’s him live and eat on his land rent free.

…… before the black community was feed with drugs to subdue and destroy the mind

May I humbly urge those who spew hatred against the white man and Arabs, to remember that it is the black man who sold black men and women to them.
Had we protected our own there would have been no slave trade to begin with.
We seem to ignore our nature, that we have a tendency of crucifying our own whenever we come into contact with whites in what we call ‘kujipendekeza’ …’ arse kissers’. If indeed we were as good as we pose ourselves to be why then are our countries the way they are? Why then that even the so called pan-Africanist quarreled amongst themselves yet they claimed to be fighting for the same rights and for the same race case in point Du Bois never saw eye to eye with Marcus Garvey? Why did Muhammad have Malcom X murdered?
Tom Mboya showed us the way…to be open minded and open hearted…to assist another African be better…he never had a degree but he facilitated many acquire degrees and PhDs…
What most here seem to forget is that if you indignify yourself no one will treat you with dignity.
How many rich African Americans go back to their so called projects to uplift their younger brothers? Start foundations? The only thing they do is move on to white neighborhoods and desperately look for acceptance from them. What prevents Jay Z and his overrated wife from sponsoring 10 kids through to University?
Rich white folks give back to their whites through scholarships and libraries and hospitals.

there is never enough time and server space to discuss everything.

The provision of welfare, education, healthcare and dignity of Americans is not the job of Jay-Z you fcking numbskull, that’s the job of the US government.

In fact, that’s the cardinal duty of any government.

You have no right here or elsewhere to insult me. That was my opinion and if you are 1/8 of a man you could have ignored it.

Then don’t offer an ill advised opinion. Walk the middle road it has served many a wise men.

I’m sorry but your ignorance is impossible to ignore.

Research on how many white people have killed other white people have killed or how many Arabs have killed other Arabs before telling us about Black to Black problems. Like I said, we don’t have enough time and server space to accommodate your boogooyagga argument. Toilets are full here.