Mr Rubani mwenyewe is back. I was piloting a transvania airlines until I had a ka incident. I had a little kaproblem with my plane and did an emergency landing mid air. One of the passenger was farting aimlessly without due care. My co pilot Sam helped me to remove him. Flatulence should be a crime. Chungana na chakula ya mhindi kama wewe unafanya kazi ya Mkono ama kuosha gari ya mhindi. My handsome face, very handsome.


The two of you make an ugly couple and you both have small penises.

Hating on my achievements

Hizi nguo huwa unaomba wapi.

Wazi rubani…another first

ule alikuroga with fertile imagination huenda alikufa

ouch. untill I was promoted and now it’s custom made by airline

welcome back kawambui

Nimcrikanga. The pilot is Dutch…and you are a dreamer.

Kuna backflip pia alichapa akipika githeri kwa cockpit. Huyu ni pilot shupavu sana

Kunguni this time hukufungua dirisha hewa mbaya itoke fresh air iingie?

You know it’s strange though, you coming back after a site upgrade.
Seems to me you are just here with your hogwash stories to create traffic for the powers that be.

Kwani liverpool VCT wana ndege,coz the last time I checked you were their employee

My daughter want to be a pilot. Ebu give me leads on where to start and what she expects


huyu ni kawambui?hekaya zake ziukuwa on point sana huko archives

huwa nashuku but siko sure.

Hehehehe you beat me to it

welcome back, when will you posting pics of the Mara