Rozzie Spa

Where a lot of good things happen … :joy:


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@rexxsimba kama hii Kitu ni Mugonjwa mtoe kwa rotation banae. Many elders here have complained about it being hot

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About Her being “hot” …
Or about her making them “hot” …???

Does she look “hot” to You …??? :joy: :grinning:

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Macho imechafuka kabisa…halafu kuna mtu analipia pesa hapa. Watu hawapendi pesa yao aki


Call Her …
You might get a slight discount depending on the Service you request … :joy: :grinning:

This is a NO! for me…she has really changed since the days she was at Liddos

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Inakuanga yeye ama ni wafanyikazi wake?


If your wallet has enough , She can spare some personal time for you …
Otherwise , She deals exclusively with Premium Clients … :grinning:

Sickening, yuck

Sickening is those CBD Grannies that you hang out with daily …

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Still the same …:blush:

Alinishow 4k shot nikasema yeye ni meffi yeye. Afadhali calabash


You have no idea what you are missing … :grinning:

Those grannies are more sensual than these sewer rats that you fap to.

Really …???
Tell us more , Good Hope Granny Lover …:rofl::joy:

[quote=“rexxsimba, post:17, topic:461728”]


Wow that’s a low blow, speaking of low blows how’s your mother? is that her in the picture? Does she still enjoy all the ‘bukkakes’ from all the midgets and trailer park trash that have their way with her all night long while your father is drunk at a gay bar? there’s nothing wrong with being a ‘freak’

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@Icarium38 :

A word from the very wise …
Do not start fires that you cannot put out …:blush:

Hopefully, we be better strangers :wink: