Rozie Nduta 27

She is worth the trip to her Mirema Apartment “Service Center” … :two_hearts:

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@Josto_Bwaku Josto_Bwaku :

I can give you directions and assurances of very personalized attention … :laughing: :joy:

To me she looks like she can give ride a dick like she wants to break it. Sijui niamue kuharibu 5 k na yeye

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Rex umbwar be like.

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itumbi, kuria ,arror… wamekuwa hapo. according to grapevine… so get yourself some

Our Cops are really low …
But …
A baptism of fire awaits them in Haiti …:fire::fire:

From her promotional brochure …:blush::revolving_hearts:

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Alijaribu ngwati but ni kama hakumanage consistency. But she made great effort