Royal media chieth

For those wondering, sijaenda bado. Kujeni mnifukuze…

Anyway, are you guys listening or watching this presenters talk about uhuru - RAT truce??
Are these people brainwashed or something?? Who told them that the jubilee party is no longer needed?? Who told them that we the Greeks no longer need Ruto and that winnie might replace him?? Who told them that Ruto is a loser just like Kina watermelon?? Nkt chieth!! Masaitani!!
Indeed Macharia analipa hawa watu.

Meanwhile Ruto ndaaaaaaaani kabisa 2022.

madam nimeweka citizen naona 10/10 chieth , ngombe wewe

Achanga kufikiria kama ngombe Ata wewe… What did you expect to watch at dawn citizen?? Am listening to the radio


Sahani ya aerial inatumika kupuliza moto ya jiko na mama njugu karanga. I quit watching the news last year.

@Phylgee hujaenda bado?

anaenda wapi ?

Unangojea Firimbi Ndivo Uende.Ebu Tuoshe Masho Ingare Ngari Ngari

This is the last day for Me here… Jana ilikuwa notice

Wacha former tiarara guys wanjienjoy na predictions, Sisi Uhurutos know we are with Ruto 2022. People like Ngunjiri Wambugu are turn coat sellouts that will struggle in 2022 like the likes of kafogos struggled in 2017

Suddenly Raila is now the greatest and most sensible leader ever been in Kenya as portrayed… Outshining even uhuru.

Just wait kidogo utasikia spin ati “Raila sacrificed his victory for the sake of the nation, seeing as he is statesman par excellence”

Mtu anitumie headlines in the dailies. Am still indoors and don’t feel like venturing out.

Mimi nimejifunika gubi gubi my fren:)

To me, it seems like the guy is so evil that when he does the right thing, it’s exaggerated to sainthood. The fact is he had no alternative with his western masters and his naswa colleagues turning on him.

Don’t listen to only what you want to hear.

we hakuna mahali unaenda. kesho tutakuona hapa ukiitana ng’ombe. :slight_smile:

yes, he’s very altruistic

Write your reply…Tuoshe macho

@Phylgee love ignore your exit intentions.