“Royal family as an institution is rooted in COLONIALISM, WHITE SUPREMACY & RACISM!” - Piers Morgan in heated debate with Nigerian feminist Dr Shola


that feminazi chic pussywhipped that royal simp…

Blacks mnasumbua

You are obsessed with this topic.

I don’t like how that woman engaged on the debate. It’s always talk, wait for response and then talk… yeye anaongea fwaaaa
. Typical angry black woman

are you defending the colonizers? the people who came and pillaged everything?

…endelea na the description, don’t conviniently stop before saying how they made you worthy of seating at the table of greats

Just like @Truman Capote

No I’m not… im asking her to engage in a civil debate. She’s arguing like she has a fight with husband

which table of greats?

The world

I’m with the Royal family. Its not the 6 who went to Meghan! She had to come an disturb the peace! Peace6of shit

Huyo Prince Harry amekaliwo na kususuliwa na Megan

Shida ya hawa woke women inakuanga hio: they always debate using emotions instead of logic, unapata mtu anashout na askizi kile unasema.

Very foolish and yet they complain there are no decent men left. Try imagine having that thing as a wife… I’ll gladly be cheating on her everyday. Lakini kwa nyumba na nyamaza akipiga hizo kelele zake.

But isn’t the royal family rooted in classism? Si hawa watu wa UK wamekuwa na royal families even before wajue kuna black ppl.

mzee akili huna ghaseer

Hiyo royal family ataifanyia nini?:D:D:D
Is this some curated political entertainment bullshit or what? Oliver Cromwell alishindwa na the Royal family sasa huyu bullshiter atawezana?:D:D:D
is this just for ratings?

Of course. A white man is superior in your world.

Do I care… Your opinion doesn’t change mine, I’m pro the crown.