When will kenyatta family be satisfied with the trillions they have already stolen…210B juzi…leo 75B…thats 300B in two weeks…weeeeeh…ayam tired
Big Four my foot…food security is one of big four…galana project died…housing nayo issa scam…manufacturing on its death bed …jobs ata usiseme…95yrs Moody Awori is given job

Finished country

Wapi watu wa kulia world bank this, world bank that…si we run to the Chinese to rescue us.

Following M01 footsteps,very keenly .we are doomed ! Karagane ! kwisha sisi

when are we being deported? thats why sikuchukua hujuma number

Karaganire tene!

Mahali inauma saidi ni a huge percent of these funds end up in peoples pocket,while myopic peasants here send paybills wanunuliwe whitecap. Mtatii hii roundi.

Tano Tena brigade mko wapi?

Imagine the country of Kenya is broke just when the grace period of repaying SGR loans comes to an end. In July 2019 Kenya is supposed to increase annual payments to triple what we have been paying. I see more and more Kenyans turning to wildlife to feed themselves. You cannot die of hunger when deer are everywhere you look

Cheza shiini

Wildlife is finite.

Zero fiscal responsibility. Civil servants are supposed to be driven in passats but instead, Government has gone back to V8’s that guzzle fuel.

Even this should be rectified and everyone in government should be driven in electric vans.

Gatheca has a stake in VW… that’s why they were introduced…

Heri tuombe ndio tusikuwe maskini

@FieldMarshal CouchP kuja uone 6% economic growth

I thank God am not reading this in history books. The king is naked. His folly is being exposed before our eyes. Every thing he touches turns into dust. The economy is on its knees.

Does he have a stake in Toyota? Because everyone is back to them.

At least Toyota offers hybrid and electric vehicles which would be used by the government.

Hata mimi sasa nime-jam…

Single shaft economy