Roselyn Rivierra is dead

Hii mall joh! Kumbe inakuwanga dead hivi? Nilikuja kutafuta toothpaste na nikakosa!
Pesa ya wizi ni mbaya

Be frank… just toothpaste?

It’s busy on certain days. Two Rivers takes the bulk of the traffic.

These types of empty malls will be one day be bought either by some Nigerian and they’ll settle around the area and make this place busy…

Rosslyn was already bought by a fund. The developer already cashed out.

Nilikuwa nafikiri ni one of those coke addict kungurus kumbe ni mall.

Na tissue

There is a mexican restaurant on the first floor that serve some delicious/authentic mexican cuisine bado iko…?

Money laundering. They stole and forgot to leave kiasi for common mwananchi to buy their products. Wapambane na Hali zao makasia.

Walikuwa wanafikiria jobless and underemployed youths watajaza hizi malls zao.

targeting the “high end discerning customer”…

These are the outcomes when feasibility studies are not carried out.

Ala… Hata mahua imekauka ama ni kuvova