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Mother of Ntimama ‘son’ condemns men who sire children out of wedlock
The high and mighty descended on the home of the late politician William ole Ntimama for the burial ceremony. Those in attendance included President Uhuru Kenyatta, retired President Danile arap Moi, Cord leader Raila Odinga and a host of political luminaries.

But outside the venue, drama was unfolding away from red carpet as Kenyans from all walks of life paid their last respects to the late Narok North MP and arguably the king of Maasai politics.

A woman claiming to be the mother of George Kariuki Njoroge alias George Kariuki Ntimama, was fuming, foaming at the mouth as they attempted to gain entry to Ntimama’s Motonyi home. Rose Odhiambo, who claimed she was Njoroge’s mother, condemned men who sire children out of wedlock after she and her son were denied access to the burial venue by security officers whom she accused of bias. “I want to make this statement to those people who sire children outside marriage. We have a right to attend this funeral. This is unfair and unjust,” she charged.
The closer the two came to the funeral was along the main road where they could only watch the ceremony and listen to tributes from family members on giant TV screens outside the huge tents erected in the late Ntimama’s Motonyi home.
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so kama kariuki ako 60 years mama yake rose odhiambo ako 80 years ? hio time yote walikuwa wapi ? kogelo ?

Rose Odhiambo gave birth to George Kariuki…

So if a masaai sires a child with a nyako the child is a Kikuyu…

It loosely means that if I sire a kid with a kambaa lady then the child will end up being a pokomo.

Genetics za inheritance

Use common sense. She could be greek, sires kid with ntimama, while still young and later gets married to a luo. Is that strange?

I actually like this. It would help eliminate tribalism.

But what was George Kariuki trying to accomplish, especially given his age? If I had a father who didn’t exactly want me, I wouldn’t want him either.
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Tuko Pamoja Kitandani.

Kila fisi ikule kwao cc @Bingwa

Majority of the comments you post here seem more from your posterity rather than your gray matter.

Please jielimishe kwanza.
You’re talking out of your ass

You miss a very vivid point. MONEY.
If he had his way and the courts stopped the funeral for the DNA he wanted, he would be swimming in ranches now.


Posterior. Pardon the auto correct on smartphones. Doesn’t change the fact that wewe ni mpumbavu. Meffi. :smiley:

No wonder the shiny eyes are everywhere !

this dude seems to be doing well. let him let this story go.

huyo sio pure blood

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May be she is a Kikuyu with a Luo name .