Rose Mwonya Nje

Hawa mafeminazi wataishi kutusumbua.Huyu Mwonya was number 3 kwa interview ya VC wa Egerton lakini akapanulia Kaimenyi.Wakaruka namba moja na mbili(wote wanaume) wakampa Mwonya Rose kuwa VC.Ona sasa mambo amefanya.Kazi yake ni kutusumbua kukaa na Mishahara yetu ni kama tunakula kwake.

Egerton University Vice Chancellor Prof Rose Awori Mwonya has been suspended pending investigations into procurement malpractices, a students’ scholarship scandal among other numerous allegations of mismanagement.
At the same time members of the University Council have appointed Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs Prof Alexander Kahi to act in the position until internal investigations into Prof. Mwonya’s conduct are completed.
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Prof Kahi confirmed to the Standard that he has received a letter from the council directing him to act as the vice chancellor of the university.
“I have a letter from the council signed by Mr Joshua Otieno, one of the council members directing me to act as the Vice Chancellor,” Kahi said without divulging any further details.
Mwonya also confirmed to the Standard that she has been suspended but said she was yet to receive the suspension letter.
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“I am hearing the same. Let me get the letter first please,” she wrote in a text message to this writer.
Sources told the Standard that Mr Otieno chaired the council session that arrived at the decision to send Mwonya on compulsory leave pending the outcome of the investigations.
It is said the council chairman Dr Ben Chumo did not attend the meeting over issues related to the ongoing court case facing him over his previous employment.
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The decision to suspend Monya was unanimously agreed up by Dr Charity Nyaga, Joshua Otieno, John Ondari, Esther Mukoa Wabuge and Mrs, Alasa Osman Hirsi- who are all council members.
Mr Ondari confirmed that Mwonya has been suspended but was quick to add that the council has commenced internal investigations into the alleged gross misconduct.
“It is true that the council met and made some decisions, which include what you (reporter) are inquiring. We have told her take a compulsory leave to allow us investigate the allegations,” Ondari said.
The suspension of Mwonya was long overdue following numerous complaints from representatives of university workers who wrote several letters to the council accusing her mismanagement of funds, misplaced priorities, lack of visions for the univeristy among other issues.
Mwonya is accused of authorizing construction of a Sh70 million gate at the Njoro campus, which was never a priority for the institution that was facing serious financial problems.
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Under her watch, the university authorized the construction of an electric fence at the cost of Sh44 million, which has never worked since its installation about an year ago.
She is also facing allegations of pumping a whopping Sh180 million on the institution’s Ngongongeri farm in Njoro, with no returns.
The stroke that broke the camel back was the scandal involving scholarship for students, which was allegedly orchestrated by one senior official at the university with the full knowledge of the vice chancellor.
The council will be investigating allegations that some students who were not eligible to be admitted for government sponsored degree programs , found their way to the university after being ‘assisted’ by the senior official who was sometime back suspended by the council over the issue.
Mwonya made history when she was appointed the first-ever female Vice-Chancellor of Egerton University — the esteemed 76-year-old institution of higher learning that was elevated to a full-fledged university in 1987.
Mwonya took over from Prof James Tuitoek in 2015 to become the fifth vice-chancellor of the institution that currently has four campuses and 25,000 students.
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When will people stop being greedy?
Just do your job, and honor the responsibilities assigned to you.

:D@Lecturer mumefutwa ama bado :D:D:D

What a man can do a woman can do better…I heard em say

Hatujafutwa lakini mshahara ya August na Nusu ya July bado.Na mileage mingi zaidi bado.

Asiende kabla anilipe for research niliwafanyia. Nitajilipa na Kilimo Hall

Kai had brought in serious funding to the institution

Hio utangoja kulipwa umee kucha kwa magoti kama jogoo.

The biggest undoing of this woman was tribalism…she was incompetent so she turned to her tribesmen to carry out core functions and systematically ignored other senior stuffers They have really mismanaged Egerton…especially the finances.

I also did some research for them and gave up after a full year of waiting for my cheque …But was pleasantly surprised to get a call from them early hours of jana…Maybe auditors walikua huko

@mikel na @Lecturer i think i know you

Usijali kaka.What am saying is that Mwonya amekojolea Egerton kabisaa.Mahali alikosea ni kuanza madharau ya kulipa mishahara Nusu na kutolipa wakati mwengine.Building a gate at an inflated cost of 70m was bullshit.
Wale Dim eyes alileta huko kwa hizo ofisi ndio wamemumaliza kabisaa.Wamemsaliti.

How do you know me?

mwonya is a very weak VC.

Iza man…mimi hukuja huko kidogo kidogo wasee wanasema ni kubaya

Kilimo utabomoa ama ni disco utaleta ulipishe students??

Hakuna Ink hata ya printers bana.Dawa ni students kujinunulia na sasa they are staring at the mother of all strikes by students after kuondoa kitchenettes.

hio maze ni mbaya, but kama kuna kitu Eger huwa haijali kabisa ni student affairs

Hio ndio itakuwa their main undoing.Ile siku students wataamkia bangi,all that school will burn down,From Njokerio to Biston to Gate to Ng’ondu.

Am only 50% anonymous kaka…almost 10 talkers know me…