Rooting for Samsung

All I have posted here since joining ni meffi tu, so today I have decided to take a break and post [SIZE=1]some more meffi.[/SIZE]


Touchwiz Roms used to be easy to root those days of Gingerbread and Jellybean for those of you who were alive then.

With things like RMM, Encryption, etc, all this stuff has become a bit of a headache for noobies like me. So to avoid nasty experiences I thought to leave a small guide here for those who may be wanting to root and customize their phones. You ever go into download/odin mode and you see things like “rmm prenormal” and “only stock roms allowed”?

These steps are typical for S and A series of Samsung phones. I suspect J series are the same. But twrps and rooting files may vary from model to model so make sure the files you use are acceptable for your model and build.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your bricked phone or lost data. If you have never rooted before, you may want to do a bit of research before going on.

Here we go:

  1. take your phone and back up your data
  2. grab a copy of stock firmware and put it somewhere safely in your computer
    you may need it to flash back to stock in case something happens
  3. on your phone go to settings
    go to about phone
  4. go to build number
    tap seven times to enable developer options
  5. go to developer options
  6. find unlock oem and unlock it
  7. enable usb debugging

[Now please listen to this:
If you DO NOT see the oem unlock option, your phone is on RMM prenormal
It will take 668 hours for it to reset and to see this option. Sorry.
Wait till uptime of 168 hours elapses without booting your phone or swapping sim card(s)
You can check uptime at the phone settings under about phone>status
OK… 168 hours up already? go to unlock oem and do it.]

  1. ***Please put these files on your phone external sd card:
    a)super su (or magisk). whichever you prefer for rooting
    b)dm verity
    c)rmm state bypass by Mesa
  2. ***Please make sure you have YOUR phone model drivers, odin and twrp on your computer

10. switch off your phone.
11. put it in download mode (odin mode) by pressing power at prompt vol- then vol+
start odin and untick auto reboot. please.
12. connect to computer
13. once phone connected on odin, put twrp on AP and flash.
***make sure auto reboot is unchecked on odin
14. once you see success disconnect phone and hold phone in your hands
press power and vol-
15. the screen will go off and immediately, immediately, i mean immediately
move the finger from vol- to vol+ while keeping your finger on power button
16. wait till you see twrp
17. release power and vol+ buttons
good job
18. now swipe to allow modification
19. tap format data. all your data is now gone, including all your nice selfies: had you backed up?
too bad. heheheeeee
20. after format, tap format data again, just to be sure. please
21. now check data is mountable. please.
22. now using twrp flash the files on your sd card in this order
a)magisk (or superuser)
b)flash dm verity
c)flash rmm state bypass by mesa
This needs to be done in the same session
22. Restart the phone and wait for it taking forever to boot (the flashes are installing)

Nice hekaya. Part 2 ni siku gani?


if you want to mess with a phone chukua tu oneplus and xiaomi

Do these phones have readily available root methods and custom roms?

You must be a newbie basi. Oneplus literally gives their phones away to custom rom and kernel developers for free so that they can create custom roms and kernels for oneplus users. unlocking Oneplus bootloaders is as simple as those of Nexus phones. just use Command line with adb installed. as for roms angalia hapa OnePlus 6 ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, & Other Devel | XDA Forums and those are not all the roms, some ziko googleplus

as for Xiaomi, lets take a look at the most popular custom rom, Lineage OS. On Lineage OS stats how many xiaomi devices are in the top 10 as compared to other devices?

now compare to samsung, zero development.


if you want to become a flashaholic and be a modder the go for either oneplus or Snapdragon Xiaomi. Oneplusone and Xiaomi devices released 3 years ago still have active development. please usiguze Huawei

I must admit I know next to nothing about those. But I know some nigga who has a one plus said it was over 70k kenyan. I believed him.

Takes xposed bila maswali?

Hii yote ya nini sasa ? My tab hata nifungue xvideos hamna balaa, otherwise after hio yote naweza nusa smell ya kuma pale xvideos?if not, meff wewe.

:DMambo ya maku tutaguzia baada ya saa nne usiku

Poa Mkuu, nitafutie Vitz kitu KCP 2010 , 1300cc, niko na pesa, budget 550k, otherwise nitaendea yangu Mombasani.

What’s going on here.

Mine is unrootable, s7 edge is variant.


Kuna advice ya peasant phones zinarun Nougat, kina Tecno and such? Asking for a friend. For some reason for me -I mean my friend- zinakuanga meffi kuroot.

if you want to root just stick to Snapdragon na kama wewe ni peasant nunua Snapdragon Xiaomi

Sande Teorro.

Yes, I was able to flash from t yo u, nothing more.