Root canal

How safe are root canals?

One can always find arguments for or against anything on the Internet. What matters at the end of the day is the quality of evidence. The info you come across has to be assessed for quality and judged accordingly [ATTACH=full]497197[/ATTACH]

Root canal is good Kama meno Bado decay Sana,if the tooth decays especially hizi meno za upper jaw za mbele ,you are in deep shit ,ama namna gani @Wanaruona

What about an implant? Root canal v implant? Which one would you go for? Though implants are costly. Huku a single implant goes for 80-100k. @Agwambo implant yako ilicost how much?

Root canal is cheaper and the risk of serious medical issue is minimal , because the tooth roots have been" killed".
Implant is a full surgical procedure , hapa unaweza pata maxillofacial surgery complications .

Staying with a dead tooth in the mouth has its own set of risks. It aint safe either.

Risk is low ,if you brush and floss your teeth hata hio ya root canal hakuna shida.

Do you have a root canalled tooth yourself?

No,My 32 teeth are in excellent condition


Waah! :oops: