Rookie TV series season 3 fully feminized homosexualized

When rookie started , season 1 it was real unpredictable and almost like THE SHIELD ( best police series ever) , strong male actors like it is in the streets. infact i remember doing a review on it.

Now season 3 is all about superwomen , homosexuals , happily ever after endings , zero deaths , zero gore, no casualties, men crying, women beating men , toxic BLM . Romance all over . its like imekuwa a telenovela . Yaani the core of a police procedural series has completely been destroyed.

am very disappointed, they have completely destroyed it after changing the directors, producers, ni vile i just had to finish it otherwise its bullshit .

naipea 4/10

fuck homo feminist in hollywood.

nmefika season 2, this is one of the best new series i have watched in the last three years.
usiniambie wameharibu season 3.

am running out of good series to watch. itabidi nianze reruns na kuwatch series zote za zamani zenye zikuwahi ona

wameuwa season 3

Ni kaa venye wameharibu football na VAR, taking the knee etc

mwanaume kutumia jina toxic ni useless sana

siuende uinjectiwe na testosterone basi

Its 2021 strong straight males are not wanted in hollywood unless its a black man who looks non threatening to wazungu.

Explains why Tyler Perry is a billionaire, of late I watch old films…Sopranos, The Godfather, Oceans 11, Gladiator, Commander at Sea, The Wire, Shinobi, 13 Assassins, Fast &Furious up to 3 and play plenty of GTA San Andreas.

Once you let your movie guy know you prefer the gritty and dusty they won’t disappoint.

Who is a movie guy? I get my movies free from internet download sites. Laptop imejaa movies sijui nitamaliza decade gani!

Hii jinga inafikiria kila mtu anaishi githurai slums…ati movie guy…WTF? Are u in 1987? Umbwa kombamwiko wewe

Actually I prefer exchanging niceties at his premises and socializing with plenty of his customers,many of whom we went to high school high together.

A retarded wanker such as you with the personality of a dish clothe wouldn’t understand the charm of such small pleasures.

malisaa kabisa hio homosexual chokoraa called @tyler123

Hii inakaa Ile ghassia multihandler

Thats how folks in

This is how githurai folks justify poverty? Mende ya choo

ni handle ya homosexual mkuu @patco

uza mkundu polepole upate angalau pesa ya kulisha bwana yako

Bukusu jinga nyonya hizo bolingo za @Brayo44ki kwanza, senji wewe

Chokosh wars aren’t my forte, you’ll have to smear yourself with sh’t.
Have a lovely weekend sir.

Kubali wewe ni maskini na huna access to Cinema HD + home internet, mambo yaishe


They make movies not for entertainment but to win awards, and no awards can be won kama hakuna a theme on LGBTQ or promoting ‘minorities’