Roofing tiles

Nime pewa quotation na Decra Roofing tiles na nikama nimechizi kidogo:(. Nimeambiwa roofing tile moja ni 900 kwa hivo nahitaji roughly 9ook kujenga simba huko muchatha. Wacha nikunywe Guinness nikifikiria hii maneno.

was 720 8 years ago, if you think the 900 bob per piece is the problem, wait until your fundi gives you the quote with the amount of 2*2 mbaos that you need, thats when the Guinness will taste flat and you will go straight to the whisky

ulikuwaje SV ukipost in the wrong section ? huku tunaoshwa mecho pekee

wrong section.

Angoo, unataka nikuoshe mecho na tiles ya decra?

:eek::eek: Sasa tutajenga nyumba ama tutalipa fundi. Hujuma hii

You don’t have to use decra… You can get good roofing tiles for 700 bob.

Omwami umejenga na 2’x2’, what is the span of your trusses? omba upepo mzuri isipite huko kwenyu

saw the typo but i was just too lazy to correct it :D:D:D:D

Waah just about to ask

dont even worry about the fundis, thats nothing, the timber will cost you a good chunk, you need mbaos every feet, thats when you start micro managing every single bit coz it will feels like you are being robbed


Hii kitu haiwekwi na mtu hajajipanga my fren!

thats what am indirectly trying to tell him, if he is already complaining about 900k for decra, whats going to happen when he gets the full quote :D:D:D

roofing is never cheap my fren

Or you take this design used by a neighbor :smiley:


Boss, acha apatiwe quatation za hizo 42, 62, 2*2, na Facia board atalia machozi.

Alafu aambiwe process fulani inaitwa blundering itakula ngapi.

Wengine wetu kidogo tuokotwe mathare. Mbao za roof hufagia account proper.

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how much did the swimming pool set him back, just incase insanity knocks at the door :D:D:D

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Na ujue roofing haina ati kufanya in phases. Ati kidogo this month, kidogo next month. Yote unafanya at once. But I can get you cheaper and quality decra