Rondon derby in China

Conte and mzee Wenger face off this afternoon for a pre-season “friendly”. Hazard is still out with an injury and new signing Morata has yet to train with the team. Go Blues fwack Arsenal


Anything done in China is fake


Well, fek you!:D:D:D:D:D

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Ac Milan wanachapa wanaume vibaya sana…


I COULDNT AGREE MORE…our last season tour in asia was a total epic fail.from stadium grounds flooding,poor weather and training facillities

Lacazette to score a brace… ATID!!

You still getting orgasmic about a 3rd choice French striker?

He is about to take the second position… Giroud is still the man to beat anyway…

Pedro off to Shanghai medical clinic for further checkup after a nasty collision with a truck:D:D

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Woooi Washa kunikumbusha

Same Old Arsenal, kuchapwa 2

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Tunakamuliwa bila lube bila huruma.

Mbona chinku zinakataa Giroud acheze, ati hayuko kwa list, Kwani hii imekuwa Chinkuons League? Fundah!!

…Hehehe 8 Odds

WengerOut brigade…Now hiring. Tayarisheni VC…:frowning:

Amewekwa na tukaongezewa ingine :(:(:(.

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And another one, Batshuayi scores again to make it 3-0.
Sasa wale mlisema vitu vya China ni fake, is this a fake result?

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Chelsea ni kama hawana habari hii ni friendly.


There’s a difference between a friendly and friendship.