Ronaldo's Rape Allegations

Kathryn Maryoga claims that the incident happened in 2009 where CR7 alimkamua mkia bila lube bila huruma despite her no protests. she further states that after the incident CR7 akamlipa an estimated $370,000 to shut up and never speak about it. Hapa me naona watu walimangana kunguru took advantage of her position and blackmailed CR7 kijana akamlipa anyamaze. Women being women ame squander ile pesa sasa anaona she can still arm twist CR7 into harvesting an even bigger amount hence the publicity. As a result of this Nike is considering to Cancel CR7’s sponsorship while the portuguese star has been omitted from Portugal’s upcoming international matches over the claim. However, Juventus have come to the star’s defence and don’t consider something that happened almost ten years ago.
My wish is that the Kunguru loses this case and is forced to payback 37 millions with additional damages ndo askie the real HKMBLBH

This #metoo shit has gone too far nobody will take real rape cases seriously , One of the #metoo leaders had raped a 17 year old years back and paid hush money the chap came forth after seeing the bitch play victim
The story was mentioned in passing because she was woman

Yani kuma 37mirrion??? @uwesmake ebu kuja haraka nausitumane.

Typical. When you become successful, bitches want to find any angle to milk money from you

But ni ukweli alimdishi. Actually the leaked documents point out that Ronaldo said the woman said ‘stop!’ Hiyo ni rape! Huyu atalala ndani. Krimino charges zimeanzishwa pale US

The complaint further stated that after she refused his demand to perform oral sex and said she wanted to leave, Ronaldo pulled her into a bedroom and [COLOR=rgb(235, 107, 86)][B][I]anally raped[/I][/B] her while she repeatedly screamed “no”.
Ronaldo alimkula HKMDF :D:D

Documents zenye wewe uli draft?

Mimi mambo ya majuu hunichekesha sana, how many times have I been told stop, and I didn’t and we went ahead to have a steamy session.

a superstar with women begging for his attention can not beg a common woman to stay. Am sure hii ni chumvi imeogezwa na PLO wa US ama the woman herself

ati the mbish said STOP!!!, kishwa ikiwa ndani no normal man can stop the rampage of the train, all men know that, ladies too though wao hujifanya tu, kwa haya machache… case closed, NEXT…

Dola has been found guilty of murdering NTV journalist Wambui Kabiru in 2011.
Why should a murder case last a whole 7 years?

sasa tuanze kutembea na consent form na laywer?

Makei wewe…soma hapa Rape Allegations against Real Madrid Star Ronaldo: 'It Has To Be Less!' - DER SPIEGEL This is the first website which leaked the report. A very reputable media

Der spiegel are the publishers of that document and CR7’s representation said they were seeking to sue them. Der Spiegel is a German news tabloid kama tu citizen. They ain’t CR7’s representatives.

I agree he did wrong.
But she got paid off…I’m really not empathising with her here.

Mtu anakufuata kwa hotel room ni yako. Mtu anakufuata kwa bed. Halafu mtu akwambie, “stop.” chuma ikiwa ndani? aaaahhh…meffi. nkt.

There I disagree with you.

Kumbe Ronaldo ni ktalk member, alifikisha mandatory threshold :D:D

Usitese boshaud. Please, please usiambie boyshaud stop wakati anapambana na threshold. Wacha kwanza afikishe halafu

Hapana, der Spiegel sio mharo, it’s respectable. Shida yangu kubwa ni dame alichukua pesa then