Ronald Karuri facing tough choices

sh.100 za sufferes zinatumika kabisa. So Ronald wanted a Buggati. Then he stumbled on a bat mobile and the F1 car. He then posted fuck the Buggati he is now torn between the bat mobile and the F1.
Meanwhile bet zinazidi kuungua
Now to be fair najua he is probably joking, but daamn this nigga has so much money he can afford such expensive jokes!!! And mark you he only has 6percent in the company. Iko watu wako na above 30 percent[ATTACH=full]157298[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]157299[/ATTACH]


Hizo sasa ananunua aendeshee wapi?

It shows lack of class na mtu hajazoea kukaa na pesa mingi. Na angekuwa biwott angekuwa akitembea akisema aje? In a country where most kids can’t even afford a pair of shoes.

Anyway your next guv’ner of somewhere since we worship monied folk.

He talks like a teenager. I perceived him as corporate guy.

Relax. Hii ni ile big talk ya Donald Korir. Don’t get me wrong they have money…but it gets to their head. I doubt any of those are even for sale.

Uwivu itawamaliza

Wewe umezoea kukaa na pesa mingi kumliko? :D:D

Relax dude is just joking
And who told you hajakua na pesa?isnt his father the famous MP Adams Karauri?..and wasn’t he a pilot for several years…if that’s being poor I want it!

You know what…good for him, I have tried telling friends betting is a waste of money lakini hawaskii, wacha akule pesa!

wacha boishaod ajibambe

Peasants wacheni mafeelings.

Hehe… expensive jokes.

The positive thing with betting is that is a personal risk that one decides to take and companies like Sportpesa cannot manipulate the outcome of matches.

Pesa za wenyenyewe zinakuhusu nini?

@123tokambio angalia sponsor mwenzako anakanyaga wire:D:D

I have to disagree .This guy has been a pilot for some years. Huyu anajua pesa. He drives a lambo last i checked. He is just rich. And much as i pity the poor… Including myself bado tu watu watazidi kuchanga sportpesa ronald anunue expensive toys.

Corporate people too are allowed to flaunt kidogo.ama namna gani

Imagine what the bigger fish in sportpesa are making. Wale chini ya maji. Wanabishana na wanjigi. And they do not have to do anything. All they do is wait for the boy child to deposit 99 bob(juu ukiweka 100 watakata 20 bob na 99 ni 5 bob:D:D)

Wale wanabet kiujinga jinga pesa yao ndio hii hapa inatumika…

Wah, I get what you are saying. People are really making mullah