romance to blossom in the slums

For romance to blossom in the slums, there are rules and regulations that most of us probably never knew about.

Here they are

A dude is allowed 2 beat up his spouse whenever necessary and no one should intervene.

The chic can hook up with a barbie from an upmarket estate with the knowledge of her man… Bora pesa!!

Mkienda Reggae with yr baby gal, she is not allowed to dance with other mafisi…if she does kichapo awaits her not at home but immediately u leave club…hapo nje and no one intervenes…later on go home pamoja and make love

if u are my chic , u get a new name for exampo…if a chic is named Akinyi, her new name will soon be Akinyi wa Zicco.

Hakuna cha valentines…hio ni ya mabarbie so dont expect roses and chocolate on the 14th of Febs

If i cheat on u with another Ghetto chic and u find out, do not accost me but kuta the other ghetto chic…fight her 2 prove yr love for me.

Ukinzalia mtoto jua sisi wote tuta hustle pamoja for the baby’s upkeep even if it means u have to do prostitution.


Unaishi ghetto? Gani? Kwa nini? Kama jibu ni la, mbona? Tutajuaje hizo sheria ni za ukweli kama hautoki ghetto?
Meanwhile kuna pombe ya free kwangu. Find me mlewe!



Poor people have no opinion. Or their opinion does not matter.


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shure simefungwo kweri