Role of fathers and father figures

I’m not here to bash single mothers but there is an undeniable role of fathers in raising a family saw the post below and thought there is no way there is a father in this relationship , this bitch goes naked infront of his 7 year old boy takes a photo and posts some dribble that should be “deep and moving” . Poor kid has some foundations of being seriously screwed up !!



Hii shit tumesema tuliona Kabla Ham aone Noah kama yuko uchi.

report kwa admin

Sisemi mimi ni Ham. Lakini hata Ham vyenye aliona Noah uchi hakureport kwa Admin.


Tamu kama sungura

This is bringing a curse upon the boy. You should not see the nakedness of your parents

Maybe it is the Gods’ way of removing a corrupted lot.

imagine the boy in his teenagehood wanking to this photo while chasing away possible boyfriends of the mother …all guys wank at some point of adole…

if i was that kid,am sure my nini will never respond to the nakedness of any woman again.maybe for the respect of the mother he will be gay.

Sick! It’s also child abuse. If you have sane parents just thank your lucky stars up there.