Roku Vs YouTube .

Roku will, stop you tube downloads on their devices from next. Month.
They say you tube is a dictator …
Youtube want special treatment and acces to users data, and Roku will hear non of that.

Roku ni ngamia ama ni punda gani tena?

Sikuizi upiki offcuts

uko kenya?
roku hapana tambua

kama unataka large screen youtube, sisi thompson gazelle unaconnect laptop na tv via HDMI

Too much work , roku is very tiny you hide it behind your TV and stream anything , from football , Netflix, Amazon prime to you tube.
And it’s cheap …

mimi sitambuangi streaming

unawatch episode sita saa yenye imeshika unaambiwa episode 7 to 14 iko available to those with prime subsription only

izo sigwez wacha mongooste… si @Motokubwa lazima akule joh ama upigwe ngeta ya 130 kg of pure kitambis

who the fuck is ROKU