Rogue police looting beer from Spasso bar in Karen

Thursday, August 12, 2021 – A rogue police officer is on the spot after being filmed looting expensive bottles of imported whiskey at a high-end bar in Karen.

He was among the cops who raided Spasso Bar on Wednesday night and confronted revelers for allegedly breaking curfew rules.

The exclusive bar that is frequented by whites was reportedly operating past 7 PM.

A viral video shared online shows the rogue cop, who was dressed in full police uniform, shamelessly picking expensive bottles of whiskey from the shelves and putting them in a crate.

Video -

Hio huitwa exhibit sio wizi

That’s what police do when they raid drinking dens. Ukienda police station unapata crates, vibuyu za chang’aa na kadhalika.

Police are thieves, All police officers, prostitutes, politicians, pastors are thieves. Avoid these thieves

Important to remember that the other cops that were caught on CCTV breaking and entering a bar a stealing creates of drinks were NOT PROSECUTED they are most probably still be in the police force.

Offence ya violating curfew hua hai need exhibits.

Industry ya matatu na pombe hukuwa kitoweo ya D- materials. Yani unweka biz kulea D-. It is unfortunate.

It does, it’s policy

Why is the cop selecting the exibits ? Si angechukua zote !!
Whatever the case, those bottles will be presented in court empty or filled with strungi (strong tea)

Hapa ni Kenya