Rogue driver knocks down a traffic cop and speeds off after he was flagged down – He almost killed her (PHOTO).


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No broken bones…
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Traffic police are a menace, harrassing motorists for no reason. Akikusimamisha lazima utoe kakitu, ama aanze kukutafutia makosa

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Traffic police are the biggest assholes ever

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Here is the back story…

Police in Mombasa are investigating circumstances under which a female traffic police officer was hit and injured by a reckless driver while controlling traffic on the busy Sheikh Abdalla Farsy Road near Petro fuel station in Mombasa town.

According to police, Phiona Mutua Ndanu was on Monday, February 21, at around 5:00 pm seriously injured after she intercepted a motor vehicle registration number KCT 410E for operating without a valid insurance sticker.

“She asked the driver to pull over but he instead made a u-turn knocking her down before driving off towards Bondeni,” police said.

The officer, who sustained serious deep cuts on her right leg and on both hands, was rushed to the Premier Hospital where she is undergoing treatment.

Mombasa Central Police Station OCPD Joseph Ongaya confirmed the incident terming it as quite unfortunate.

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Pole kwake, but I’ll say this. Everyone wants to be safe on the road. There are police officers who stop vehicles suddenly, and at dangerous points, not giving the driver time to both signal and stop. One time I almost hit one who carelessly jumped in front out of nowhere on a dark highway. I had to swerve before stopping. I was horrified, yet he was mad at me when I told him I hadn’t seen him, coz he had been standing in front of another car, there was no warning at all, and my lane on the extreme left was clear. They also need to know it’s important to be visible, and make it obvious you’re stopping a vehicle before it gets to you. And for heaven’s sake, don’t stand in the road, some people (eg. thugs) may not be as friendly as you suppose.