Roger Federer 100th title

A legend …Greatest of All times…

Alishinda Jana ATP Dubai…

In another news…Indian Wells tennis tournament… pale California,US… starts Tuesday… Last year this tournament gave me good money…let’s do this again hopefully

Nadal alimtishia kiasi but Federer is the GOAT

@Lecturer M M Nick Kygrios is on fire maaaahn[ATTACH=full]227707[/ATTACH]

Ni mzitoo kabisa. Watching him play was always a joy. Tennis is one of the hardest sports that I know of even though the only sport I play well is chewing food with a remote in hand. Hihihihi. I therefore own toned jaws and arms.

and being chewed as you tell him to chew you faster and harder

Apana…sijafika hapo bado…working on it tho.:smiley:

hahaha, really? in fact i understand that for married folks like you, Sunday is your day to be chewed

Nooo Sunday is the day to recover from the week’s indulgences as you prep and plan for a new week. lazy Lie-ins, breakfast in bed, kuenda church, kusalimia mabeshte kwa simu talking loudly like a village calico…just being obnoxious, if no live matches…catching up with footie games that one recorded, oh and there is ironing for the week ahead as you watch.
Married life is good. Usindanganywe na talkers huku.

awesome stuff, keep it up.

Kama sasa I am just about to cheer my Chelsea as they face their equally well heeled rich neighbours FULHAM…


Not really going to answer this as I realised moons ago that there is a part of my private life that is not to be shared on KTalk where some miserable folk wait to pounce on others everyday. I do share tho but on a one on one private basis with a few with a few friends. Infact that was too much info hihihihi…
Rephrase the question to am I/we happy and is it working?

i understand and respect your private space. All the best in your marriage.

Not really …Ken Rosewall 1957 is/was… 133 career titles,8 Grand Slam Singles Titles: 4 Australian, 2 French, 2 US Open,15 Pro Majors: 2 US Pro, 5 Wembley Pro, 8 French Pro
Fed’s numbers tho…-20 Grand Slam Singles Titles: 6 Australian, 1 French, 5 US Open, 8 Wimbledon

That was before Open Era was launched… Most his titles alishinda when only ameteurs were allowed to play…at least before you copypaste from Wikipedia have some background info

i was in sydney for the ozzie open when i compiled shit FYI .I am in abdul land now as we speak so yeah i know what you know,copy paste that poonder hii…random video for you,dont take sheet too serious,

kyrgios the bad boy,if only he could change his piss poor attitude, he has the talent and potential to be a future grand slam winner.