Roco or amar villagers advice needed

Between rico and amar which location has the best service,clean and privacy. Ive never been to amar naonanga butchery apo juu sjui mnaoshea rungu wapi, please advise accordingly. (Only serious comments wa ku judge please wait for the next post)

Nyanyako amekuambiaje wee kombamwiko

Elders investigate and find the answers ,but fools like you wait for answer’s .

Ungeuliza butcherman utaoshea rungu wapi wacha kutusumbua

Human stupidity is truly infinite

Ricoz obviously. All the hottest lanyes go there. Amar is okay for the mature type of people. 40yrs and above you are welcome.

SJ babaaa

Kama ulifundishwa na professor Munywa Biochemistry, he must have mentioned to you somewhere on how plants sense the direction of sunlight. Make use of those notes to find your direction to Rico

Rico it is…kwanza uko vip…napapenda sana

Hakuna pudesh imekaangwa unless upatane na kunguru kama @Freyja who thinks is better than all women.

Just pick any brothel and get your services.

I do ? I’m actually quite the opposite but you people put pusseh on a pedestal. Not my fault.

:D:D:D luckily, pusseh inawatoshanisha wote.

Huko VIP kuna nini?? Leta hekaya!

Huko kuna amani at least in my view unapata vitu mzuri mzuri…

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:D:D:D:D:D if you say so.

nirushie namba za wenye unajua pale inbox

Hahha uko naskia ratio ya men to lanyes ni 10:3

Personally I put it on the table, and fist it like a thanksgiving turkey.

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I don’t put p*ssy on pedestal. Like most men, the sight of thighs turn me on lakini everytime I step closer to the thigh-holder, I’m filled with contempt. Erection deflates like a punctured tire.

That is probably the reason sijawahi f*ck lanyes. Fucking disgusting.

Fist it ?
Oh Jesus ! No thanks.