After bringing in Lamborghinis and Ferraris to patrol roads, Dubai police have enrolled a robotic officer, the first in a unit that aims to make up a quarter of the force by 2030.

The robotic cop stood to attention Wednesday night at the foot of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, as tourists and passersby snapped selfie souvenir photos by its side.

Wearing a police cap and moving on wheels, the robot features a computer touch-screen on its chest that can be used to report a crime or inquire about speeding tickets.

Inaeza kula hongo?


Hii niliweka kwa ile thread ya sgr
Burj khalifa will be second since Qatar wanajenga yao na itakuwa the tallest

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Haha hiyo unakimbia for fifteen minutes ina run out of juice si kama ma kiprono hapa nje wanakufwata hadi kwa gate


Kama huyo robocop wa Dubai hakai kama huyu hapa juu…


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Naskia haina meno