Robinson challenge, Anerlisa Muigai chronicles

Dame ameanika mafisi wenyewe hawatoki inbox…ati I wanna lick your feet…[ATTACH=full]171225[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]171226[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]171227[/ATTACH]

Niaje wonderfool.

Dude, what do you do for a living?? ohh, forgot what bland of lip gloss did tag along with you today?..ohh forgot been on the mirror 5th time since morning. In short, umembalikiwa na u-mama excess…


umbwa ghassia takataka

What bland of Osungu.dll is this?

Poa sana automated Goat

Tumia kikisii, Google will translate.

Hao wanawake huanika hizi FAKE messages from nonexistent men so that they can feel good about their pathetic lil’-bitch-arse lives. si juzi ilikuwa Julie Butt-Gichuru? Kwa hao tu ndiyo hukatiwa?


Fake,You think?
It’s only because the rest of us do not see the need to be petty and anika such nonsense.


Naonba nikunyonye appendix

:DThat went downhill fast. Hio ni fetish, Huyo kijana apunguze ngwati.

There are many betas on the interwebs who stalk these popular damsels, there is a high chance the messages are real.