Robert Soi

My fellow fossils remember this guy who used to do sports news on KTN and got married to a fellow presenter called Ann? These deaths are becoming too much, very young people. I imagine that they are leaving behind very young families and their kids will grow up with out a parent. May God comfort the family. It was my best tv couple after John Namu and his wife Makena.

Saa hii ndio news zinakufikia? You need to go slow on those gangbangs with rugby players

Makena kuja Rongai tuchome mbuzi

I’m now with your father my dear, he has slowed me down sio chap chap kama watu wa rugby lazima akunywe Enzoy. Ata hii story nimeona nikingoja Enzoy ifanye job after 30 minutes. How would you like me for a step mum?

Nitumie kwa mpesa. Why is mbuzi expensive in Rongai and they’re coming from there. Ngoja Covid iishe 2023 nitakujia.

Fantastic idea. Me and pops tukue Wala mwana.