Robert Mugabe was the butcher of the South. Afaa semi-illiterate Moi

If you listen to naysayers like @Aka mpole and @sludgist, you would think Mugabe was a Pan-Africanist like Julius Nyerere, lakini wapi.

He massacred over 20,000 Ndebele civilians in what is known as Operation Gukurahundi in an attempt to flush ZAPU leader Joshua Nzomo. It is classified a genocide. They were tortured, raped and/or summarily executed and buried inside boreholes and mass graves.

Gukurahundi left permanent scars.My ndebele friends would rather slave away in mzansi than work in Harare, a shona town. Very rare to find a shona marrying a ndebele. I remember in college Zimbabwe students would always have two associations…one for shonas and another for students from matebeleland.

Mimi na Sludgist are two sides of a coin.

Mugabe was of the devil. Nothing good about him

Guerrillas are like that. Jinga kama zile za South Sudan. Museveni is the exception.

beng a soldier guarantees all the ‘spoils of war’ bila consequences… to some people , it’s a dream come true

With all his many degrees the guy was Worse than moi.

Zimbabwe would be another South Africa if Mugabe was a pushover. They’re really the same just that Moi was never tested in the same environment that Mugabe was. Though I’d liken Mugabe to Kenyatta more than moi. Weka ile shifta war ili walinganishane, they could be really brutal when they needed to. Moi was also involved in the garissa massacre of 1980 that killed 3000 so sijui mnamtetea nini.

Kwani wewe umetoka Zimbabwe

Have had three girlfriends from zim, a ndebele, khalanga and tswana. Would spend weeks there especially kule Gweru and Bulawayo.