Robert Greene The 48 Laws Of Power:LAW 1-NEVER OUTSHINE YOUR MASTER

Here by popular demand will post as long as villagers are up for it.
This law is basically about making your superiors feel confident and secure around you, Once you start out performing them in any way they will feel threatened by your precesnce and despice you for poking holes in their security about their position. If you are at a very junior level outs shining your boss will most certainly not end well for you.A story is told of a finance minister Nicolas Fouquet, Dude had a feeling that he was falling out of favour with the King so to gain back the King’s love he decided to throw the grandest lavish part to ingratiate himself with the King. When the King arrived at the party he felt really insecure that a finance minister was getting all the attention in the party and praises. Long story short the King decided to bomoa Fouquet a nice one, he was thrown in prison where he spent the last years of his life in solitary confinement. The law is very simple make your master feel more brilliant than he is around you, in your desire to please them do not go too far in displaying your talents and charms as this will achieve the opposite-inspire fear and insecurity.
There are exceptions to the law, all masters fall eventually. You should patiently wait for your opportunity and once you see him hanging by the weakest branch in the tree, strike him with vengeance!


One Polycap Igathe comes to mind


its hard being a junior while you know very well you have the skills to out do your boss, you have to cope with the BS that he/she throws at you


Sijaona hizi laws zikisaidia raila sana in his career and the way he loves quoting them during interviews. Or maybe he doesn’t know how to apply them since he’s always trying to outdo people.

An ardent student of this rule is Ruto and his forebear Moi. But often those who pretend to be very nice not to outdo the master often end up being dictators. Igathe is losing sight of the fact that one day he might inherit the seat if he plays his role right.

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I dreamnt butchering people who tried to kill me after a long chase that ended on a tree in shags

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Niko nyuma, Igathe alifanya nini

I read in the Daily nation that Mzee Kenyatta used to be claustrophobic and didn’t like being in rooms alone. The wazungus messed him up during detention. So being old school he used to call the vice president to stay in the office next to his doing nothing much in particular. Murumbi being uppity and highly educated found such roles demeaning and a waste of time and he even quit the vp job. Moi on the other hand would seat in that room like an understanding son hadi aambiwe jioni aende. He was even Mzee’s photographer being told, “simama pale na upige vizuri.”

Na juzi hata ruto ameitwa pastor and he took it in stride. All this with Gideon Moi prancing all over state house to outshine him. Mwingine hata hakumaliza wiki and he already wanted the king’s carpet and toilet.

jirongo also fell into the same trap and even schemed to overthrow the king.


Si you just Google Igathe na ujisomee whatever recent articles come up. You know sonko could appear on this thread and start abusing everyone.

I leant this the hard way.

After campus I got attachement in a real estate firm. My boss was a lady abit laid back. After three months she reccomended that I be retained as an employee. Six months months later she went on annual leave.

I was left alone incharge of the department. I was diligent, thinking on my feet, prompt in my decison making and thorough in execution.

The bosses liked me. Even in meeting unrelated to my work I was called to take minutes.

Her leave ended and she came back. Everyone praised me. That they didn’t even notice Her abscence.

Two days later came the blow which broke the camels back came. One of the bitches told Her ‘when you weren’t around things used to move around here’

She turned all colours of the colour wheel, came to where I was and infront of everybody promised that, She will ensure I never amount to anything in that organization.

I left two years later and I amounted to nothing. I ran that department for over a year after she left but still remained a junior officer. Supervised/incharge of projects, spear heading successful contracts and company partnerships, with the blessings of the general manager and the chairman of directors.


Political threads in this village should be called, ktalk Daft people Assembly.

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@Ubongo Hao journalist wawili waliamua wachokoze nyuki.

I can totally relate. It’s called the Curse Of The Highly Gifted

What lessons did you learn from your experience?


The way you treat people will make them feel endeared to you, some things can’t be suppressed.


Sawa buda nimepata link

It always doesn’t end well… One day you’ll be broken to pieces and let out all the pressure…

Power is a mind game. If you know the rules and act by them, you’ll be a phenomenon in the eyes of many.

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weka Boss mahali yake and all will be well.

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Fantastic read Mark. Thanks for sharing. I could totally relate.

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You’re trying to start peoples assembly ktalk chapter?

You are most welcome.