Robert Alai wisdom

This is some wise shit here
Gathica and his brigade ni meffi tu. They only think of smuggling gold

The things huyu mlevi wetu anafanya statehouse shows clearly he never stepped to an instite of higher learning.
Yeye ni fake sana.kila kitu in Kenya ni fake starting with our shitty government. including myself.

Ati the Ass.Chief will not have the obligation to register you,CS akisifia uzembe kazini.

Calm down my fren… Why do you sound like you are about to drink a glass of rat poison? :smiley:

How is naivasha?

Ni vumbi na upepo kali or in which content you asking?

Kama anaweza osha rungu uko…

I just remembered in 2015 you mentioned that you stay in Naivasha. Anyway I haven’t seen you in a while until recently. Karibu sana

WEH!! Si ulisema kila mtu akae kwao?!!

I login here almost daily maybe apart from Sundays.

Na nani haswa nikupe maelezo zaidi

But you scaled down your participation. You used to even start threads from scratch… perhaps you should start one on ethnic African music. You have quite a rich taste if I remember well.

Did you “stepped to an instite of higher learning”? Which one, my frien- ile ya baba yao? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Interior CS said after the mass registration exercise concludes, the registration kits will be handed to the assistant chiefs where anyone who will not have registered can do so.
“If for some reason someone misses out they may go to the assistant chief. But I’m afraid whether he or she (assistant chief) will be having enough time to deal with you,” said Matiang’i.

“We don’t want to force you to register, just like we cannot force you to take a KRA pin number… We have come to a regime where we want a Huduma Namba so that when you go to the Huduma Centre, your details can be accessed very easily.
“Getting services any other way is going to be unnecessarily cumbersome for you but if that’s what you prefer it is also a choice for you to make,” said Matiang’i.
He added: “But we are advising people in a very diplomatic way, get a Huduma Namba because it costs you nothing and its been done by your government using your tax resources. Why would you want to argue about a straight forward matter.”

Apana mimi ata niko na biashara Okuyu land. I prefer heterogeneous cosmopolitan societies. It’s the only way we can get rid of the “Mutu yetu” syndrome.

Kunguru wa karagita

They offer highly condom resistant HIV plus other communicable diseases.

Good luck

Naongea kuhusu forum sections. Ulisema nitoke TECHNOLOGY Section ni kwako.

I have always said that Black Africans are LESS than monkeys. That is the FACT, God or whoever created Africnas did a shoddy job

“CONTEXT” rudia mara kumi ukikimbia hadi hell’s Gate na urudi ukiimba "context"

Weka citation…