Robert Alai on Gathecha

Loose mouthed Alai at it again:


Amejibiwa hivi:

Okoth Kongo
Alai you almost committed suicide when we talked about your impotence, to what benefit is this tweet of your’s?

Jamaa udaku na bibi ana bomolewa pale boma hotel

Kamwana anataka kuburuka atuwache na deni? He should only be treated kwa Ile hospitali ina jina ya babake na aende na kadi ya nhif

You know something is terribly wrong with society when you get news pertaining to the president’s health through Robert Alai.

What could be wrong?

juzi alikuwa amefura uso na anakaa rangi ingine light. citizen TV ndio wali capture yeye mzuri. Sijui alikuwa ametoka kuzurura wapi hio wiki. This must be a very very difficult time for spear. Chakula hakiliki, hata fombe imeisha taste.

:D:D it must be really hard for him and his fellow spin doctors to spin this unending waves of bad news

Huyo siku hizi ako camp ya Ruto…still not easy

Even harder coz mathambi zote zita kua zake

In the late 80s and 90s, Nyayo had been diagnosed by Dr. Wanjiku and was said to be suffering from throat cancer stage 40. Mzee was going anytime, or so we thought.

Speculating on the president’s health is a national and somewhat illegal pastime that has just made its way back to national discourse.

Although nduru za kuaminika from estate chair and man-gossiper Alai are to be taken with a tonne of salt, the reaction to this storo inaonesha maybe haka kananuka.