Road Trips

Is there anyone who have been in any and a major one for that matter.Ile ya kutoka hapa kwenda Uhabeshi na kurudi.
How genuine are the organisers,security et all.Hii holiday yafaa kuwa tofauti…

Go and tell us! Dont over think it!

Niggas are fleeing Ethiopia and you want to go there?

Those group roadtrips are genuine and good. You can check out overland tours and also this fb page . I have gone on a couple using these guys in the past. Legit


Kuna jamaa wangu alienda Ethiopia NA one of these groups last year. Paid around 45k. Alirudi na maHekaya muoto sana.
Ningekua bachelor hii ingekua kwa list Ya ‘things to do before I die’ but nilioa nikaichuja.


Return ticket to Addis costs only 2oK! Cheaper than KQ going to Mombasa

The experiences are on another level

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However the beauty of such a road trip is the scenery, incidences on the road etc. Same logic as one who prefers a cruise ship to spain over a few hour’s flight. Preferences differ.


Was from there last week.Addis is an average city I would say,with alot of incomplete buildings and flats(sijui mbona pesa iliwakatia).But on the other hand there is an astonishingly high number of above average natural beauty everywhere.

Best thing to do is teamup with a couple of guys and just do the run

A couple of guys left NRB yesterday and did the run to moyale and are currently on their way back

They are currently enjoying a beautiful sundowner at gof bongole



Boss, You can never compare the two. This is a road trip in an overland truck for like a week. Inclusive of Accommodation, meals and maybe a visit to Addis finest brothel (on request).




Ndio hiyo. Inaitwa 'Hilton@

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