Road rage: Matatu crew kills motorist in Nairobi

Police are pursuing members of a Nairobi matatu firm who allegedly beat and killed a motorist on Sunday afternoon after a fender bender.

According to eye witnesses, after Kiarie’s car was hit by the matatu, he came out of the car and as he spoke with the driver of the PSV, a misunderstanding ensued and touts hit him on the back of his head with a metal rod. Kiarie, who was driving to a car wash, collapsed and died as the suspected criminals fled the scene.

Watu hawakusoma chochote na wale strippers wa 44…huyo judgr apewe hii kesi

Shitttttt ferk yani mtu hukufa tu that easily… Imenipea flashback time was involved with a minor accident na hizi mats. Was standing there nikibishana na wanaume watatu. Good thing it was just apo fire town. After shouting numerously “I HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY…” Walinilipa :smiley:


hio route mimi hujaribu sana nisitumie… maybe its just me but every single time I use kamiti rd nikiingia mirema lazima I witness an accident,mostly minor, especially pale junction ya coop…and most ni personals being hit na hizo zuri buses…
from fb posts this young man had a very bright future…was a former student leader kule maseno and had already vied for an MCA seat and had a good business…really pains me that he had to go that way.

So ferked up man…yaani it’s becoming increasingly risky for motorists, si watu wa nduthi, si watu wa mat, si wakora…damn

Shida ya Kenya ndio hio,who shouts the loudest wins the argument and gets compensated.

Mnyonge hana haki.

Failed state .

I just hope they won’t escape this.Death should not be that easy.

You’ll always look stupid trying to argue with matatu crew on that route

Lemme advice drivers how Kenyan roads work. Bodaboda riders,lorry and Matatus always have right of way. ALWAYS!!! These people are sleep deprived,on drugs particularly at night, and have no insurance and no brakes. Anything else you do contrary to my advice is at your own risk. On the road think of yourself as the only sane person. Your ego is not worth your life. When on Kenyan roads leave your ego at home particularly when dealing with the above mentioned road users. RIP!

huku kwetu kayole jamaa wa Forward Travelers akikugonga unasema ahsante na kuenda nyumbani

Kenyans have no respect for both private and public properties, and even life. It all narrows down to weak institutions though.
An average Kenyan is spinelss to, we lack the balls to question those in authority, hence, all these mess.

According to CouchP and his supporters the person to blame is yourself, notwithstanding that you pay your taxes in full and on time. President Obama said it well in Nairobi when he said strong institutions make a country strong. But institutions can never be strong if they’re insulated from criticism when they fail to carry out their mandates. RIP Kiarie. May your killers receive the harshest sentences in Kenya history.

The law doesn’t work that way sorry.
You might get surprised these ones will get a very lenient sentence if at all they get prosecuted.

We can bet on that. Hawa lazima washikwe na kesi ianze. There is a reason they say “the long arm of the law”
Wakipewa lenient sentence Pilsner 10 ni zako for that weekend

Thanks for the offer but note I have used the word lenient in my comment.

Wewe saa zingine huwa unaongea kama mtu ameomba kichwa cha mtoto ama mtu amelishwa mafi kama kiamsha kinywa

huyo @Mathaais akiumbwa aliwekewa mafi badala ya akili kwa kichwa .