Road Carnage: An Exaggeration of Githeri Media

Any life lost is saddening… and it really doesnt matter in what way.

We know people must die… but ubinadam makes us not to accept this fact.

We are regularly bombarded with news of death through traffic accidents… 4, 9, 18 people die

But, how significant are these numbers? Insignificant! Many more die from other grave causes… cancer, diabetes, u know

A country of 40million can afford even 10,000 traffic accident deaths

Even if we assign significance to these numbers, we cannot do so without comparing these figures with previous similar periods.

Our dense media aint doing that.

We do not need traffic accidents on our news.



Above, a case of rhenium calling platinum dense.

Above, one of uncircumcised pink handles who think their pussies are elevator buttons



Only 500 out of 15 million. Insignificant!


mkisii umeosha KUMA ?

[INDENT]Its true what you have quoted and sad for pple
to die but the media really create a hype about it. There are many other mass deaths that go unreported.[/INDENT]

I thought ikus is self cleaning!

Mkono yako ya right si ikus :D:D:D

uli thoughtia wapi ?

huyu amezoea palmella


Leo ni Sunday… Spare the warthog Hawezi ongea tena