RO for Embakasi East Missing

Chebukati just announced.
A Mr. Musyoka.

Wueh. Hope he turns up safe.

Hata wakwamilie hio 34B, they will never change data that is already on 34A on IEBC’s database

Let’s hope apatikane…he has his loved ones

That polling station has been troublesome. I dont understand why Kenyan politicians make elections a do or die thing? Perhaps it’s because people over invest during campaigns so losing is never an option.

we will always be bonobos

I dread such news of people missing in Kenya coz they mostly end up being found cold.

Power tends to attract some kind of psychopathic people. To them, the means will always justify the end.

I pray that he is found safe…

Baana. Mtu anakaa hivi akikumbuka kickbacks, tenders, jobs etc na corruption easy money anaona lazima ashinde. Leadership in our country has been monetized greatly. The reason why parliament is lucrative is the corrupt money those members get in the house committees. When grilling cabinet secretaries/parastatal heads, counties etc, they get bribed to brush aside audit queries. And its usually big money.

…the end, justifies the means, my friend.

Next this UDA Wheelbarrow Bottom-Up Clown will turn up saying that he was chilling somewhere with his girlfriend …


Shenzi Kabisa … :mad::mad::mad:

Buda whichever sides you’re stop speculating go with facts

You seem to have a very short memory …
But the Internet NEVER forgets …

Shenzi Kabisa…:mad::mad:

Stop speculating lets wait and see what unfolds…FACTS

Just another casualty in the clamour for power

True you only have to spend a little time with any politician to see how effed up in the head most of them are. But the real reason they must clinch that MP seat is the cdf money about 125 million yearly, wewe imagine msee kaa Sudi/Aisha/Jalas/ Babu akiwa anacontrol 600 million guaranteed within five years. Akiwa mjanja ni kucheza na parastatals and national government tenders as well as using power to dodge taxes, grab public resources, beat courts etc . On top of being adored and worshipped by the same bonobo victims, inashangaza hii game

I will go with @rexxsimba on this one

He has been assasinated by frustrated individuals. May he RIP.

I said it here …
But some Juvenile Clown in here is still waiting for “Facts” …

Shenzi Kabisa …:mad::mad: