RKOs left right and center : AfricLand chapter

AfricLand waliangusha yao na Ngugi akarudisha nduki


Despite being an age of evidence and facts, people prefer narratives that reinforce their prejudices.

o_O:D:Dhiyo ni downlow RKO


Agreed. And the depth of your message is too damn deep

‘…too damn deep…’

That Africlandpost admin is like that. After posting several rants on the election, he followed them up by accusing Kenya of being the only African country that supported apartheid in South Africa. Machungu yeye huwa nayo anapo ongea kuhusu Kenya haifikii ya watu wengine huku.

Nimeona pia they’re saying Kenya refused to accept refugees during the genocide. I got a sense that there might be a grudge with Kenya- 4 or so posts about how bad Kenya is.

Hio ya apartheid, it is partly true. Lakini si kuna Warwanda, Burundians and Wakongo wengi Kenya who have lived here for decades.

I’ve been following that page since 2014. The guy has some special hatred for Kenya. Na akijibiwa yeye huleta ujeuri yake yote. There’s definitely a grudge. He’s had it for a long time.

And yet most of my baby pictures were taken by a soutafriken camera man. He was a political refugee in Kenya.

edited accordingly

He definitely has attitude issues. Extreme attitude issues.


Thambo Mbeki yuko hapa anapiga Rwnbp masweeps

There were actually Boers living in Uasin Gishu during apartheid. And Kenya was not that actively involved in advocating for the end of apartheid like Tanzania under Nyerere did. Even Njonjo remarked that Kenya should not actively condemn the minority white regime openly. But, I am not here to revise history, it is what it is.

Na asylum angepewa aje na alikuwa jela for 27 years? Soma historia kidogo dada.

Achapwe reality. Freaking prejudice!

My bad.

@Reyrey nimeona kuna picha ameweka hapo ya watoi na polisi akasema polisi are attacking the children coming from school. Kawaida yangu I had to get the whole story, in my research nimepata video ya ABC News, showing the same cop akidirect hao watoi away from the protesters and even carrying those that had fainted. Kumbe the admin of the page only took a pic akatengeneza story to mislead the people. These are the pages that should be taken down from these social media platforms- fake news is bad for any country. We should probably make all reporters show both sides of the story not just report what fits their misguided opinions based on emotions. Even Nairobi news, with its low credibility, have used the ABC video. The kids were just from KCPE rehearsals and bahati mbaya protesters had started vita and teargas was already in the air. Here’s the video.