Rising Star: The New Biography "Dissecting" Obama's Past

Trust wazungu’s to dig up your trash from 20 years ago, and use it to cast aspersions.

That’s exactly what David Garrow did with his new biography about Obama.

Though the book has so many nitty gritties, one thing that is generating a lot of heat is the author’s allegation that Obama married Michelle for political reasons.

So, according to Garrow, Obama was seeing this white lady (half dutch, half Japanese) and he had even proposed to her. That was around '86-87. The lady turned the proposal down.

Obama moved on with his life and later married Michelle in '92.

In ONE bold move to knock down Obama’s legacy, this SOB alleges that Obama dropped Sheila for Michelle because it was political suicide to marry a white lady and vie for a political office in Chicago. While that may be true, what I find nauseating is the attempt by this SOB to try and bring up the race card.

Anyways, the SOB wanted attention and now he has got it. Lots and lots of it. The book may sell a million copies after all.


Reminds me of this bitter fellow: Malik Obama

There is this other allegation that Michelle Obama is a guy…lol

I thought being conservative, Mr @Conservative dude , is all about doing everything to bring down a liberal -which Obama is the archetype ?


I’m just nauseated by the logic provided by the writer. If a guy proposes to a girl and she refuses, what’s the guy supposed to do? Hang on?

On this, we need to cut Obama some slack!

Obama’s legacy is intact. I don’t thing anything or anyone can destroy this, including some backstreet book.
Who cares if Obama cheated on Michelle before they married? Men do that all the time.

Watu wa bhangi iwe huru, your dreams are still valid.

Obama pia alikuwa msee wa Ndom!!

Kuna Mark Ndesanjo who decided to cash in on the Obama name after bg bro made it. He hated the dad hence loathing the name kwa zile war Obash snr alikua anaona masa yake huko Woodley akiletanga madem ma kwa keja nad the mum has to sleep n the couch as mzae takes slices from a poko.

Now this Mark says Barry is a liar ati he said he had quit smoking then one day they meet in China and on hugging he got a whiff of ciggie meaning Barry still smoked. I mean wtf!!!

Lakini Malik is the worst. Hata kama ni wivu, ile yake ni mbaya saidi.

I am not exactly an Obama fan but huu ni upus!
what is Obama running for again??? What will this tabloid achieve? That is just a washed up author seeking mileage riding on Obamas name.