Rising number of Somalis in our country.

The government should do something and tame the number of illegal Somali in our country. If it was my call i would round up all 5M+ somalis and dump them in Mogadishu, build a heavy fortified border with militarized checkpoint. Only 10,000 Somalis should be allowed to enter our country in a year hizo vitu zingine zibaki mogadishu and bomb each other. I don’t consider somalis to be humans, my hate can only be compared to the hate Nazi had to jews.

Hata South Sudanese and Ethiopians wamejaa Kenya. It is a natural consequence of having broke neighbors. Ningeulizwa ningesema we adopt strict citizenship rules kama za pale UAE and then welcome all visitors as residents but not citizens. Then apply laws selectively in such a way that citizens benefit disproportionately from taxes paid by residents. Halafu pale immigration ukipatikana umepeana citizenship to an unqualified person you get jailed for treason.

Why so xenophobic?
Don’t be the type of person who blames immigrants for their personal failings

Do they even pay taxes

Probably not
excluding the mandatory VAT, does anybody pay taxes in Kenya unless they are formally employed?
Kenyans with small businesses don’t pay
Big businesses underpay

Kinyozi na soja around are mostly Congolese, rwandese and Burundis. Hapo unajua my country men have gone up a pay grade.

Kidogo tu watazaa watoto wakuwe nationalized wapewe FPE, CDF funding na kuchukua slots za mtoto wako za High School

Nilisema kitambo , Somalis are shittt, all Somalis and their progeny walikuja Kenya after 1978, warudishwe Mogadishu. Wenye wanataka kurudi wafanyiwe fresh vetting waki apply Visa. Cockroach @Bingwa Scrotum

But we now there is a new president, farmajo alishatombwa na ujinga yake

Sudanese born in Kenya who are over 18 wengi sana. Pale Nasra they even have a school.

Downtown the biggest restaurants ni za wasomali. It’s only a matter of time. Cushites are more organized than bantu when given the right circumstances.

Mbona Hakuna lanye wa somali

Wamechukua kazi ya Propeller Wepukhulu Engefu na Ole Sankok bana

Lazima wakue. Ni tu sisi nywele ngumu ndo hatujui.

Kama hawa wachina wamekuja juzi na tayari kuna akina laviv which has exclusively tiny eye rungu washers.

I’m sure hata hawa wasudi prominent lazima kukue na some apartments that host wasudi pekee for rungu washing purposes.

Not that they are more organised, it’s just that doing business is wired in their DNA. Bantus on the other hand are good farmers and i would give it to them since farming creates wealth unlike hizo biashara za woriah.

Their businesses are basic-restaurants,wholesale shops,supermarkets,clothes shops,laptops,import of goods etc.Basic businesses that only need major capital which other kenyans are also doing. The other Kenyans are in all other sectors of the economy and government.
If I were the government I would force compliance in paying taxes,jail illegal immigrants.Hii low self esteem zenu don’t put it on Kenyans

Too late.
The same way the original Egyptian citizens were pushed out of their country by the invaders ( arabs ) is what will happen in Bantu regions of Kenya.

I like the courage & barbaric nature of Nilotic Sudan.

Mnakuanga na wivu jameni…

A prosperous country is one with a diverse population

Other than harboring terrosists sina shida nao, hawana ulevi ,crime ,pay rent on time and are good customers especially property

Somalis too over Eastleigh, they went on to take over South C, they have also taken over several streets in the CBD, Luthuli and Jamia Mosque area.
They have gradually taken over the retail business previously done by mhindi.
I was in Parklands the other day and noticed they have also invaded the area, sijui wahindi watahamia wapi sasa.

I also noticed so many Burundis and Rwandese hawking in major towns across the country. Kenya is indeed the business hub of the region.

Add Indians to the mix,I would rather have a Somali around me than an Indian.
Somalis integrate with locals na hawana utiaji mingi when they are not lipuaring themselves.
Wahindi brings their caste system here…maghasia hao