We have lost a visionary, a leader, a lover, an author, an ICON, and one of the most talented actresses the world has ever seen. A life, a career, a fire to celebrated forevermore! #RIPCicelyTyson

LIVE YOUR LIFE; https://bit.ly/33ZDW0k [ATTACH=full]347191[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]347191[/ATTACH]

Stop forcing issues. The only people celebrating these dead liberals are your fellow liberals.

Trump has exposed the lies that we have been told for years. Nikiona Obama amekusifu najua bas.

@Purple @Kahuni Maisha I don’t know about you but movie yoyote iko na Robert deniro ama the Baldwin brothers nazima mara hio hio.

Same for any negro bullshit movie. Sijui When they see us… kuzima pap.

Yes when I see you nazima pap. Fuack black Americans.

The only people who watch Trevoh Noah are @Kennedy Maina and @Simiyu22 .

Who was this fellow? Never heard of him before.