Jamii mzima ime fagilia… Very sad indeed

Wah… Ni ile accident?


wamemaliza wa MARAGOLI wengi sanaaaaa . huyo Joyce ingadima ni dwyfwy material

Traffic Intel?


so sad man.
@123tokambio @WuTang avandu vitu.


Hii ni mbaya sana. Some of the victims might even be distant relatives nikichunguza.

CS James Wainaina Macharia needs to go.
Rest In Peace the departed

17 members, ngori sana

Dear Lord, is that the best you can do ?

So sad

we need a slap system here…watu kama hawa wangekuwa wanapewa hizo hits hadi hata kuwa anapost upuss kwa FP ya thread

Machungu kweli…

This is unbelievable!

If possible, where funds and other logistics allow, please don’t all travel in one vehicle.

I am truly sad for this family.


this is baad…and somebody somewhere took a bribe and let that matatu pass

This is awful.

The second row is especially tragic. The mother, her daughter and son all died in one night.

The only survivor of that family is one kid who is now an orphan given that it was a single parent family. RIP

And everyone, please take care as you travel. As @FieldMarshal CouchP amesema, where possible avoid using one vehicle.