RIP Tina Turner, she realised that junguu ndio best after wasting her youth on Chimpanzee who beat her for making him rich

This is a beautiful love story. We should all be so lucky. The worst part of being with Ike Turner apart from the beatings was that their son looked exactly like Ike. The pain of a chimpanzee using and abusing you then you give him immortality through your womb and have to see him reincarnated in the son you love. Don’t give birth for a person you don’t want to see every day of your life. I love this woman and she will be missed. RIP Tina Turner. She taught women so much about how stupid love can make a woman. Especially a woman who has it all. Talent. Beauty. Money. She also taught us how to overcome an ugly and abusive past and come out smelling like a rose. I must read her book bcz I’m a sucker for happy endings. Rest Well Queen.

What a piece of work this guy was…

Chimpanzees though

Let me escort you with this page breaker…

This gurl was amazing

Ike used to beat her up banaa

Anyways RIP

Reminds me of Banks.

Wewe nyanya mzee mbona unaua Tina Turner?

Tina Turner is not dead. Learn to double check your sources you demented woman.


With all due respek, Tina Turner is alive.

I have never understood how anyone can hit you more than twice and you stay. Lucky for her she didn’t end up killing him and ruin her career and life. There’s something alot of women don’t understand about abuse. It changes who you are. It fills you with rage. Eventually that rage comes out in terrible ways. You are no longer the good person you were when you met this person, you are the shadow version of your abuser and eventually you will become a worse version of him. If you don’t want to become what he is, you must leave at the first available opportunity. If you are being treated poorly in a relationship or being abused, get out. You won’t die from being single.

Saw it on Nene Leaks FB

Nobody asked you where you saw it. You’re a purveyor of rumours and falsehood.

when did Tina Turner die! woman still kicking

Another violent sheboon.

Gaidi Leo najua umepona Mraia Kwa hio maandamano ya RAO hapo Embakasi.

Tina Turner is alive.You are dumb and ignorant as fcuk.You are dumber than the crossbreed of @Chiefguest and the mountain gorilla’s of ruwenzori.

‘Anna Mae Bullock’ is alive. Hajadedi.

Not bad at 82 years of age … :D:D

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Tulia kidogo before jumping to post here anything you see on the net.