RIP Senator Kabaka


Cause of death?

Viagra overdose

@Touchlyrics nimeweka nyama kilo tatu Harrys Tavern pitia

His name was Senyeta

He died from fore play…


Kina @dr.n hawaezi ata manage a simple viagra overdose, na bill itakuwa 4 million. The Kenyan healthcare system issa scam.

Ghaseer terkaterka kumbaff saitan unasherekea na mtu amepoteza maisha may you follow suit

[FONT=trebuchet ms][SIZE=5]uliskia wapi dem mkamba anajalishwa na Viagra, yeye mwenywe ni viagra unakula nyingine ya nini. Tumia nguvu halisi ju hiyo kitu si sabuni, kesho utaipata vile vile.

Politician akikufa ata angels huko mbinguni hu-celebrate.

It depends on which one

Wameona afadhali covido

First time ever a governor has announced a cause of death. It’s like he is a pathologist.


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I had never heard of this guy until akimbizwe Nairobi hospital.
21-hour date with a teacher :oops::oops:

unknown woman? a u f. kiddin mi?

[SIZE=7]Senator rushed to Nairobi Hospital ICU after developing complications during night with woman[/SIZE]
By K24Tv TeamOn Fri, 4 Dec, 2020 18:32 | < 1 min read

Editor’s Review
[li]The woman, identified as Esther Muli, a resident of Wote Town, said the senator took paracetamol tablets, but his condition did not improve.[/li][/ul]

Machakos Senator Boniface Mutinda Kabaka is receiving treatment at the Nairobi Hospital after he fell unwell in the wee hours of Friday.
Kabaka was rushed to the hospital after a woman, whom he was with in a Kilimani apartment Thursday night, alerted the senator’s aide, Isaac Muinde, that the lawmaker had developed a severe headache.
The woman, identified as Esther Muli, a resident of Wote Town, said the senator took paracetamol tablets, but his condition did not improve.
Muli and Kabaka were in an apartment situated on Elgeyo Marakwet Road in the upmarket neighbourhood of Kilimani.
After Kabaka got ill, Muli alerted the apartment’s management, who called an ambulance that took the legislator to the Nairobi Hospital.
The senator’s wife, Jennifer Mueni Kabaka, was later informed by Kabaka’s aide, Isacc Muinde, about what had transpired.
Mueni rushed to Nairobi Hospital a few minutes past 3am Friday, and ascertained that her spouse had been admitted to the facility’s intensive care unit (ICU).
Mueni was accompanied to the hospital by other family members, including the senator’s other wife, Vascoline Katanu Kabaka.

At 3:30am, Mueni filed a report at the Kilimani Police Station under the OB Number 84/04/12/2020.
Police say ‘evidence’ found in the Kilimani apartment where the senator and Mueni were in, ‘has been forwarded to the Government Chemist for analysis’.
Authorities describe some of the ‘evidence’ as ‘perishable’.
“The senator is still admitted at the Nairobi Hospital ICU,” says the police report.
Muli, who the senator was with Thursday night, is being held in lawful custody at the Kilimani Police Station.