RIP Safaricom (Michael Joseph out-John Ngumi in)

Safaricom RIP

It is time for Airtel to shine. All vibrant companies are coming down

Time to divest from safaricom,let me passby pale SIB bank and sell my shares

Do they really have the interest

CBK’s plan is slowly taking shape.

Ghasser nimesoma ati mj amefaku

State cap cha

It is about to go down!

@Midget ako ngangary wadau.

Which plan could you elaborate mdau.

Hio itakulwa mkia bila lube ama saliva. The ichaweri family has been yearning to have a piece of the entity and it seems wameipata sasa.

Expect shitty customer care services, hiked rates and closure of branches. Mpesa charges pia zitaongezeka. Naskia first order of business by Ngumi ni kuchuja those senior folks that has been there as Safaricom grew alete seasoned thugs.

Michael Joseph akimbie alilie mzungu coz he already knows that bonobo zitaharibu Safaricom. Watu wanunue shares za Airtel sasa.

This comments from talker prove to me that kenyans are their own demise. Kwani kenyans are not competent to run their own companies.
Hao talkers wamecomment negativity hapo juu. Umbwaaaa nyinyi.

Kenyans kitu hawatoa jasho wakijenga lazima wataikojolea. Alafu doggy kama Ngumi angalia history yako.

Equity has survived coz it’s run by folks that has been there from the start.

Its about the integrity of the person put in that office and not the Kenyan ability being questioned. John Ngumi has a lot of corruption allegations and activities linked to him in every sector he has worked.

But it’s true. Ever since that midget came to Safaricom, the services have been shiit.
Like M-Pesa message delays, and network problems with no explanation.

Now it’s about to get worse.
Like @Ndindu says, “negro is a bad manager”.

You are the last person i expect to talk about integrity. Fish rot starts from the head. The corrupt politicians are our true reflection.

Safaricom is a behemoth because of stealing from kenyans. Its outright theft. Sending one hundred shillings to someone. You will lose 16% of your money.

You are no different. You think supporting Kuzimia and Ujinga is the definition of being a person of integrity? Such shallow reasoning.

Ukuyu are not hardworking businessmen but thieves. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici.

I will reserve my comment. Voting Azimio or Kenya kwanza is like chosing between a lion and a crocodile. Both of them will devour us. Sabuni lazima tutaokota. The reason am chosing Rao is that he has short life ahead. We might get a bettet choice in future.