RIP rtd.Bishop Silas Njiru.

My condolences to the family of this man of God who baptised & confirmed me into the Catholic Church at Kanyakine parish back in 1996.He was living in Italy at a home for the aged.

Retired Kenyan Catholic cleric has succumbed to coronavirus in Italy.
Bishop Silas Njiru died yesterday morning at a hospital where he had been receiving intensive care.
The 91-year-old bishop (emeritus) of Meru Diocese relocated to Italy a few years after retiring from the pulpit in 2004.
He had served as the second bishop of Meru Diocese for 28 years and retired on March 19, 2004 when he turned 75.

MHSRIP. Kwake home ni wapi?

He had a family?

Kwani brothers and sisters sio family?


Achana na hii ng’ombe

Kevote, Embu county.
But he served in Meru mostly.then retired and went into a monastery in Italy, a home for the aged.
Most humble guy bana.
I remember when he ‘slapped’ me(confirmation in Catholic) in 96, after that we had a small I was top of my class, he had a father figure discussion with me.
Back then, (hekeya for anaa day), priests n seminarians in my sch/church were fond of ‘counselling’ class 6,7 n 8 gals during ‘out of class’ hours, and us mboys tulikuwa the Father-in-charge was jumping the so called ‘Headmistress’ who was a quack (of course the burger was banging her) who cldnt even construct a sentence in Lingo, plus we had good teachers who went with low pay thus were demoralised.
So I was the ‘ringleader’ who sought and got an audience with the good Bishop, ours was a Mission sch.