RIP ole ntimama

Died of natural causes.

unasema nn

Mzee ameeenda kukwakuta wale 600:

Hata kibaki siku yake ikifika itapita.

who has an envelope? anisaidie nayo.

He was not sick.Slept and did not wake up.


Aende agotee wenzake!

living is the process of dying; the time it takes is what differs…


He has finally taken his own advice on the envelop issue???


Nigga made many people get killed and others rendered destitute all in the name of stupid politics like he was going to live forever.

only on ktalk do you smile while reading the condolence msgs.

Rip. It was long overdue. Fossil ata kutembea ilikuwa chida.

We call those HEROES now.
He killed in the name of nyumba after all.

Died in his sleep that’s is a good way to go

He has lain low like an envelope is all

Nangoja next… … …

Wengine wanazaliwa wengine wanakufa, dunia ni recycle plant

Gashwin wisdom itakuuwa